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Patient Safety

Enhance Care

Build and sustain a foundation for safer care with a portfolio of wristbands, labels, visual control products and services that promote positive patient identification, improve the patient experience and ensure patient safety.

Consult a patient safety expert.

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Standardizing Patient Identification

Eliminate Variability

Many hospitals lack an efficient approach to positive patient identification. Without a defined program for handling patient information, organizations are susceptible to inconsistencies and rogue spend. Consolidate vendors, eliminate variability and standardize processes to:   
  • Improve patient safety
  • Promote positive patient identification
  • Drive patient satisfaction
  • Reduce communication errors
  • Minimize costs
  • Realize significant process improvements

A Transformation for Patient Registration

Right Patient, Right Care

Eager to control specimens and medication administration, one West Coast hospital that is committed to quality, patient-centered care deployed SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise. Automatically produce customized patient registration kits -- wristbands, labels, face sheets, consents and other pertinent documentation – integrating the patient’s photo, personal demographics and barcodes on each to:

  • Streamline patient registration
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduced opportunities for identity fraud

Download Patient Safety Best Practices

Patient Safety


  • Comprehensive portfolio of wristbands, labels, visual control products, and services
  • Patient ID Consolidation Program to consolidate vendors and standardize processes
  • Patient safety expertise to address gaps in compliance
  • Convenient web-based ordering with SMARTworks® eCommerce
  • Merge patient demographic data to wristbands and labels with SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise


  • Established relationship with the top 5 GPOs
  • Reduced costs with wristband and label consolidation
  • Simple, effortless implementation with onsite support
  • Improved patient safety and communication among caregivers
  • Enhanced accuracy and compliance with Joint Commission, HIPAA and AHA
  • Reduced risk with products optimized for the rigors of clinical use
  • Greater staff and supply chain efficiency

Patient Safety Products and Services

Discharge Folders

Discharge Folders

Improve patient outcomes and increase HCAHPS scores with high-quality discharge folders. These patient folders help hospitals organize information about diagnosis, medications, planning and hospital resources.
Prevent Costly Readmissions
Lab Specimen Bags

Lab Specimen Bags

Laboratory work involves the collection of various types of specimens, including biohazards, which require a high degree of accountability.
Improve Lab Safety
Healthcare Labels

Healthcare Labels

Many healthcare professionals need simple solutions to assure efficiency and patient safety. Support patient care and specimen management in the pharmacy and lab with our wide selection of stock and custom labels.
Reduce the Risk of Patient Harm
Patient Care Signs

Patient Care Signs

Inform doctors, nurses, staff and visitors about critical patient information on hospital room signs. Enhance patient safety by decreasing the likelihood of communication errors, and increase caregiver engagement.
Reduce Risk of Adverse Events

Patient Communication Boards

Display essential patient information within a patient’s room or throughout the facility with these durable and customizable patient communication boards. Drive patient and family engagement.
Improve Patient Satisfaction

Hospital Wristbands

Positively identify patients in Admissions, Emergency, Outpatient and Maternity with stock or custom alert and patient identification wristbands in laser, direct thermal and non-laser formats.
Assure Patient Safety and Comfort
Healthcare Forms

Healthcare Forms

Meet compliance requirements, manage risk and improve operations with the right healthcare form. We offer a range of healthcare forms from operational use to secure prescription pads and checks.
Download Forms Catalog
SMARTworks® eCommerce

SMARTworks® eCommerce

Facilitate communication with patients, families, and staff with this web-enabled platform that that provides a central point of access for healthcare organizations to quickly create and order compliant information. 
Standardize Procurement
SMARTworks® iMedConsent™

SMARTworks® iMedConsent™

Trusted by more than 200 hospitals and practices, SMARTworks iMedConsent helps standardize consent forms, discharge instructions and other critical documents covering 3,500+ treatments and procedures.
Standardize Informed Consent
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