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Healthcare Technology

Improve Outcomes

Enhance operational efficiency and patient engagement with a suite of products and services that standardize, manage and automate critical workflows and information sharing across the continuum of care.

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The Paper Problem

Navigate the Hybrid State

Over the past decade, electronic health records (EHR) have automated many of the provider-based transactions within the acute care setting. However, even in the most advanced EHR deployments, 25-30% of workflow and content remains unstructured and in a paper state. Address the “paper problem” to:

  • Eliminate paper and standardize documentation
  • Improve Patient Access
  • Maximize IT investments
  • Prepare for business continuity for downtime

See How to Develop a Paper Migration Roadmap

Missing Consent Forms

Avoid Operating Room Delays

According to the Missing Consent Forms in the Preoperative Area report, of 137 patients seen in the preoperative area, 66% were missing consent forms at the time of surgery. Missing consent forms are the most frequent causes for Operating Room delays and have varied effects on:

  • Patient care
  • Faculty satisfaction
  • Resident workflow
  • Patient experience
  • Hospital productivity

Increase Patient Satisfaction with SMARTworks® iMedConsent™

Post-encounter Follow-up

Elevate the Conversation

According to the Joint Commission, 80% of adverse events are a result of a breakdown in communication somewhere along the continuum of care. Effective follow-up communication to discharged patients can help to mitigate the risk of these communication breakdowns. Improve care and communication by:

  • Automating follow-up communication
  • Electronically assessing patient wellbeing and satisfaction
  • Responding immediately to reported issues

Learn More about Redefining the Patient Experience

Healthcare Technology


  • eForms automation services
  • Forms on Demand library
  • Automated patient admission kits and identification
  • Electronic capture of patient IDs, documents and signatures
  • Procedure-specific consent and discharge instructions
  • Patient Access Solutions
  • Medication history creation
  • Downtime applications


  • Help achieve Meaningful Use requirements
  • Enhance return on EMR investments
  • Standardize documentation processes
  • Enhance patient engagement and safety
  • Mitigate risks and adverse drug events
  • Reduce registration-related claims
  • Improve reimbursements
  • Lower administrative costs

“Each patient visit requires approximately 10-13 pieces of paper. And, 1000s of tons of paper are still consumed by the healthcare industry each year causing storage and environmental harm.”

Healthcare Technology Products and Services

SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise

SMARTworks® Clinical Enterprise

Streamline workflows to easily access, manage and produce critical documentation with this rules based engine that merges patient demographic information used for labels, wristbands and other documents. 
See How to Transform Documentation
SMARTworks® iMedConsent™

SMARTworks® iMedConsent™

Trusted by more than 200 hospitals and practices, SMARTworks iMedConsent helps standardize consent forms, discharge instructions and other critical documents covering 3,500+ treatments and procedures.
Standardize Informed Consent
SMARTworks® eCommerce

SMARTworks® eCommerce

Facilitate communication with patients, families, and staff with this web-enabled platform that that provides a central point of access for healthcare organizations to quickly create and order compliant information. 
Standardize Procurement
SMARTworks® RxHistory

SMARTworks® RxHistory

Improve the medication reconciliation process with this cloud-based workflow and content management application which supports the collection, validation and verification of a patient’s active medications.
Prevent Adverse Drug Events
SMARTworks® EffectiveResponse

SMARTworks® EffectiveResponse

Automatically follow-up with all patients discharged from the Emergency Department (ED) with this cloud-based application that assures patients are progressing as appropriate and satisfied with their care.
Improve Patient Satisfaction
SMARTworks® EffectiveWorkflow

SMARTworks® EffectiveWorkflow

Manage workflow and policy for ongoing modifications of content and design with this cloud-based application that electronically routes information, documents, tasks, and their associated decision options.
Accelerate Forms Design
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