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SMARTworks® EffectiveResponse

Automate Post-encounter Follow-up

Ensure discharged patients are progressing appropriately and satisfied with their care with this cloud-based post-encounter patient follow-up application.

Patient Communications

Automate Patient Follow-up

  • Contact discharged patients via text or email
  • Patients who do not respond electronically are contacted by discharge phone calls
  • Patients contacted after ED discharge are almost twice as likely to rate a hospital most favorably on a Press Ganey survey1

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Close the Loop

Improving Patient Satisfaction

  • Providers are instantly alerted to any patient-reported issues that require attention
  • Patients who are high ED utilizers are easily identified for care management support
  • Allows for the quick reply to feedback with email templates to “close the loop” on common patient comments

Read the HealthLeaders Description of One Hospital’s Experience

Observation Admissions

Improve Efficiency

  • The Two-Midnight Rule potentially impacts both the hospital and the patient when the patient is admitted for observation
  • Observation admissions from the ED can be reduced by up to 50 percent when using EffectiveResponse2
  • Assess satisfaction trends with scorecards

Download 2013 IHI Storyboard to Review a Case Study of Service Follow-up

“Contacting patients the day after an ED visit has helped the hospital consistently achieve 95-99 percent Press Ganey satisfaction scores, reduce the risk of negative outcomes following discharge, and collect timely and statistically significant patient data.”
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, describing the results of an intervention in a two-hospital system with 90,000 annual ED encounters.

Features and Benefits

Automated electronic patient follow-up by email or text

Contact Patients Electronically

  • Electronically poll all patients discharged via text or email
  • Patients communicate their current condition, are asked to assess their visit experience and are offered the opportunity to pose any questions or comments regarding care
  • Supports all smartphone and internet-connected devices
Post discharge follow-up with discharge phone calls

Full Call Center Support

  • Call center console allows for discharge phone calls to patients who do not respond to text or email
  • Non-clinical operator documents patient answers to assessment questions
  • Console electronically records all answers and activates triggers and alerts for further action as appropriate
  • Prompt response ensures effective post-discharge care
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Patient follow-up communication templates for common issue

Follow-up Communication

  • Case Managers may quickly generate patient follow-up communications from a series of templates for common issues
  • Closing the loop ensures optimum patient satisfaction
  • Directors may generate monthly reports and metrics to review satisfaction scores with department, physicians and/or nurses
Download 2014 IHI Storyboard to Review a Safety Enhancement Initiative
1Guss DA, Gray S, Castillo EM. J Emerg Med. 2014;46(4):560-6.
2Scaletta T. An Automated Wellbeing and Service Follow-up Solution That Facilitates ED Case Management. Presented at the 25th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. December 8-11, 2013, Orlando, Florida.
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