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Patient Care Signs

Reduce Risk of Adverse Events

Inform doctors, nurses, staff and visitors about critical patient information on hospital room signs. Enhance patient safety by decreasing the likelihood of communication errors.

Increase caregiver engagement. Order today.

Safe and Sound Communications

Durable, Customizable Design

Designed to be placed on the wall outside of a patient’s room, the Patient Care Sign features:

  • Two types of wall mounts
  • Header with hospital room number
  • ADA compliant braille
  • Infectious disease inserts that slide in the front
  • Face of the sign is magnetic (Many hospitals use magnetic notifications today and can easily be integrated with this system)
  • Door opens to reveal the easy-to-slide icons

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Communicate Clinically Significant Alerts

Reduce the Risk of Adverse Events

Designed with acute care providers who strive to improve patient/nurse/doctor safety, the Patient Care Signs provide a aesthetic and secure method of communicating clinically significant alerts at the entrance of a patient’s room. As a result, healthcare organizations can:

  • Reduce associated infections
  • Decrease communication errors
  • Improve transfer of information during handoffs
  • Enhance patient safety, care and outcomes

Calculate The Patient Sign Configuration

Icon, Header and Body Style

Use this selection guide to customize the Patient Care Signs that best fits. Check the boxes and fill in the quantity fields for a custom proposal. Discounts determined by the quantities and options ordered. Select preferences for each:

  • Icon, header and body style configuration
  • Header style and color
  • Accessories (ADA compliant braille, etc.)
  • Patient condition icons
  • Featured hospital room numbers

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“80% of adverse events are a result of a breakdown of communication somewhere along the continuum of care.”
The Joint Commission
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