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Empowering Payers in Delivering Better Care and Greater Value

Healthcare is a “team sport,” and payers are keenly aware of that. Only by more fully engaging health plan members, and collaborating with employers and providers, can they reduce costs and improve outcomes. Taylor Healthcare specializes in member communication management for Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid Health Insurance providers.  

What is your biggest challenge?

  • Improving health plan enrollment
  • Delivering on-time and compliant communications
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Avoiding HIPAA violations

Managed Care Leader Gains Process Efficiencies

With changes every few months, a leading managed care organization in the South struggled to keep its documents up to date. For 15 years the organization used a local vendor to produce and distribute the myriad of documents its members needed. Speed to market was slow and sometimes old versions of documents were shipped in error.

Now the managed care organization has gained a much greater degree of control over its member communications thanks to Taylor Healthcare’s document management optimization efforts. The benefits were numerous for its employees, sales channel and members.

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Enhance Workflow and Stay CMS-compliant

Combine project management capability with robust document creation and production expertise that simplifies marketing efforts to attract and retain new members.
Advantages include:

  • Online management of variable and static components within complex kits
  • Dashboard for real-time reporting
  • Template creation and document versioning
  • Inventory management and production staging
  • Print and electronic delivery and tracking of required member materials
  • Electronic archiving and presentment of member materials
  • Audit trail and robust reporting

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Best Practices in Action

Standardizing Assets with Options to Customize with Care

A large, fast-growing IDN, OSF HealthCare relied on Taylor Healthcare’s brand management services and technology to help standardize and manage presentation of its brand. OSF employs more than 14,000 people with the single goal: to provide service with the greatest care and love to every patient, every time. Now OSF patients and visitors see a single, integrated approach in documents, marketing collateral and the way they are treated. Results include:

  • Document inventories cut 50%
  • 85% documents printed on-demand
  • 60% reduction in vendors
  • Estimated annual savings at 25%

Download the OSF Case Study to Learn More

Solutions for Managed Care

Healthcare Member Communications

Member Communications

Competitive managed care health plans choose partners that have the expertise to ensure membership materials are HIPAA compliant and reach your members at the right time. 
Drive Member Engagement
Pre- and Post-Enrollment

Pre- and Post-Enrollment

With our data-driven solutions, quickly and efficiently design, produce and deliver personalized benefits communications on-time to right members, securely via mail or electronically. Grab the customer's attention. 
Make More than a Statement
Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Healthcare Marketing Solutions

Taylor Healthcare provides marketing services that elevate the brand experience and enhance communications for your stakeholders — patients, staff, physicians, benefactors and the community at the large.
Implement Quality Marketing Programs
Healthcare Promotional Marketing

Healthcare Promotional Marketing

Celebrate healthcare observances and drive brand awareness with an enterprise promotional marketing program. Grow your brand by creating branded treasures for these events:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness in October
  • American Diabetes Month in November
  • Flu Season from November to February
Engage Patients and Staff
Healthcare Printing Solutions: Print Center Outsourcing

Print Center Outsourcing

Use Taylor Healthcare's industry expertise, online ordering platform, and extensive capabilities to redirect printing resources to patient care, improve brand management and quality. Leverage our leading technologies and our nationwide network.
Securely Centralize Print
Patient Sleep Kits

Patient Sleep Kits

With a better night's sleep, patients can heal faster. Sleep helps the mind and body rejuvenate, especially when recovering from an illness or surgery. With the Patient Sleep Kits, hospitals can help:

  • Improve HCAHPS scores
  • Enhance quality of care
  • Increase brand awareness
Help Patients Rest and Recover
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