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Mexico Operations

Localize JIT Delivery and Production

For years, international companies have trusted us to streamline label programs, minimize inventory and optimize production. Leveraging a full suite of services, manufacturers ensure compliance, realize operational improvements and calibrate costs.

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Mexico is Nearshore

Cost is Only One of the Reasons

Due to the rising manufacturing and shipping costs from China, nearshore manufacturing continues to grow in Mexico. Influencing factors:
  • Lower landed cost
  • Direct links to major distribution channels
  • Availability of industrial real estate
  • Strong intellectual property rights enforcement
  • Pro-business environment
While the benefits are growing, challenges still remain. A reliable supply chain can be demanding. Manufacturers have to closely evaluate suppliers to insure they have the experience and expertise to support efficient operations in Mexico. We have helped many companies optimize operations for many years.

Optimizing Production

Three Keys to Success

Expertise that extends across the border. We offer a full suite of services, focusing on:
1. Supply Chain: Localized, custom JIT programs provide flexibility of weekly, daily or even multiple daily deliveries to match manufacturing processes, and eliminate storage and obsolescence.
2. Regulatory Compliance: Experience with UL, CSA, ANSI, LIFE ensures printed production parts comply with all government and regulatory agency requirements.
3. Process Improvement Services: Manufacturing Assessment for Printed Production Parts (MAP3) identifies cost reduction and process improvement opportunities.

Out of This World Results

Operational Savings of Over 20%

Challenge A global electrical products manufacturer with nearly 100 worldwide locations needed to consolidate 50+ label suppliers. They sought one large player capable of supporting the U.S. and Mexico operations for label production, kitting, printing, and multi-lingual services.
Solution Following an extensive assessment, we created and implemented a program for the company’s thousands of printed production parts. A significant portion of which was the production of labels in Mexico.
Results Operational savings of over 20%. Reduced lead times, operational efficiency, and freight savings were achieved through the redesign of the label program.

Featured Offerngs

Bilingual Services
- Customer support (National Facilities and Maquiladoras)
- Web-based inventory management system

- Digital
- Flexographic
- 4-color process
- Screen

- Kitting and inventory
- Long- and short-run
- Quick-turn response
- Fast and accurate shipment tracking

- Product and process improvement services
- Six Sigma and lean manufacturing

Mexico Facilities

Monterrey Plant
+52 (81) 11 56 90 00
Production, Service, Warehousing and Distribution
Carretera a Huinalá Km 2.8 404-A
Parque industrial American Industries
Apodaca, Nuevo León, 66645

Ciudad Juárez Warehouse +52 (656) 649 9999
Warehousing and Distribution
Blvd. Oscar Flores Sanchez No. 8951
Col. Puente Alto
Cd. Juárez, Chih. C.P. 32690

Featured Products and Services Offered on Both Sides of the Border

Industrial Durable Labels

Industrial Durable Labels

Ensure the right material for the right application at the right price. Designing and procuring durable labels, while ensuring agency compliance is time, effort and industry knowledge intensive. We help maneuver this complex area with in-depth knowledge of:
  • Adhesives
  • Laminates
  • Agency compliance
  • Polyester, vinyl and other polymer substrates
See How Durable Labels Deliver Results
In-Mold Labeling & Decorating

In-mold Labels

Enhance safety, brand and product messages with in-mold labels. Ideal for injection molded, blow molded, compression molded and thermoformed parts, Grafilm® is a patented, UL-certified in-mold label film that mechanically bonds to any surface. Benefits include:
  • Label durability
  • Production flexibility
  • Product cost efficiency
  • UV resistance
Improve Label Durability with IML
Retail & Distribution Labels

Retail and Distribution Labels

Regulate optimal flow of goods from facility to consumer with distribution labels. Whether used for shipping, identification, or consumer information, these labels play a critical role in daily operations. Optimize performance, operate more efficiently and lower the total cost of ownership with:
  • Distinctive form-label designs
  • Customized coatings
  • Unique formulations of adhesives and silicones
See How These Labels Move Business


Proper storage conditions.
Our warehouses are automatically controlled to maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels, allowing us to assure the quality and functionality of our products during the entire year. We offer GPNEC; Our on line inventory application, available for our customers 24/7 and helps optimizing warehouse space and material flow. Call us and schedule a meeting to know more about our warehousing services.

Print on Demand

Our objective, print only what is needed.
Creating and optimizing with digital printing, and keeping minimal inventories that are carefully planned to allow a fluent and lean manufacturing process at a really affordable cost is our passion. Call us and schedule a meeting to start printing on demand, now!
Just-In-Time and Kanban

Just-in-Time and Kanban

Flexible and Efficient Manufacturing
Creating and optimizing labels, digital production and smart inventories are our specialty. Taking advantage of our on line inventory management tool  that allows to recude inventories and obsolescence. We contribute with our customers implementing JIT and Kanban solutions. Call us, and schedule a meeting to start optimizing your inventories now!

Bilingual Services

Customers have visibility to their entire label program, guided by our bilingual customer service agents using bilingual EDI and inventory management system.
Manufacturing Parts Solutions

Manufacturing Parts Solutions

Industry’s only comprehensive program to help manufacturers reduce total cost of ownership of printed parts, consolidate suppliers, assure agency compliance and increase productivity. We optimize the process through:
  • Compliance expertise
  • Design and re-engineering services
  • Industry’s only technology platform to manage printed production parts
  • A proprietary MAP3 process
Label Kits

Label Kits

Instead of buying 15 different SKUs for the same product, put them on one big sheet as one SKU.

  • Minimize steps, save time for workers
  • Ensure label parts travel with work in process
  • Arrange labels in sequence of application
  • Easily notice when labels are skipped or misapplied
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